Save galaxy phones content before formatting

This post is for those who accidentally or due to a necessity formated their phone. Due to some problems in our mobile or if we lock it out we generally format our phones. Before formatting we try to backup our data. To backup the data the most apt apps are titanium backup and samsung suites for samsung, sony pc soft for sony.

Titanium backup: This is easy to use and it helps to back up everything and it can be restored back in the phone or any other phone for that matter. But it need the phone to be rooted, and also it fails if you laock yourself out from the mobile. So here Kies come into play.

How to backup using Kies:
1.Install kies downloaded from here
2.Connect your galaxy device using a data cable.
3.Then after when kies recognizes your device press backup and then select the data you wish to backup
4.Then do not disconnect the device till the entire process is done.
That's it you have successfully backed up your device. Now you can format it very easily.
For detailed guide on backing up follow this video

Kies is more helpful when compared to other as it allows you to work even though th phone is locked
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